How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher

by Michael, Saturday, 6 August 2022 (2 years ago)

How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher. There is no shortage of Android apps on the Google Play Store. The Play Store is the home of millions of Free and paid apps for Android users. There is no issue downloading the Free apps, but the real problem is downloading the Paid apps. Thanks to the websites distributing the APK files of the apps, we can easily download the Paid Android apps APK for free.

But still, there is the problem of License Verification, which allows the app maker/Google to let you use the app’s paid features if you paid for them. Removing License Verification of the Android app will help you to use paid Android apps for free. You can remove the License Verification with the Lucky Patcher app.

What is Lucky Patcher?

This post will discuss Lucky Patcher and how you can remove license verification using Lucky Patcher. After removing license verification with the lucky patcher, the users can use paid android apps for free. So, follow the mentioned steps properly and remove license verification from paid android apps to use them for free.

How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an advanced Android app that helps you mod the app and remove added elements in the app. The app is top-rated among the Android apps modding community. With the help of the Lucky Patcher app, the users/developers can do various modifications to the downloaded apps and use paid android apps for free. Also, like How to Schedule Downloads on Android – Using ADM

How to Bypass License Verification on Android

Lucky Patcher can be considered an all-in-one and indispensable application for those who want to enhance the gaming experience. It is a simple but potent tool that allows you to intervene and modify the in-game parameters. From there, users can perform in-game transactions such as buying gems, gold, and items … for free. Besides, it can also delete license verifications on most Android games and applications.

Here are some of the best features of the Lucky Patcher app that makes it unique from others.

  1. Remove Annoying ads from any Android app permanently, so they won’t bother you again.
  2. Remove License Verification with the Lucky Patcher app to use paid apps for free.
  3. Modify the app and download premium content for free of cost.
  4. Save the modded app as an APK file for further use.

So, these are some of the best features of the Lucky patcher app. You can find many more exciting features in the app that’ll help you in Android app modding and also using paid apps for free.

What is License Verification System in Android apps? Why do we Remove it?

Almost every paid app uploaded to the Google Play Store comes with a license verification system. The license verification system is the system that confirms whether the user of the app has paid for it or not. The system confirms the same by checking your Google account linked with the smartphone and the recent payment history on the Google Play Store. If you haven’t paid for the app and still installed it by installing the APK file manually, you won’t be able to use it without purchasing it from Google Play Store.

Lucky Patcher: How to Bypass License Verification on Android

Nowadays, mobile devices are more and more critical. Not only does it help you get in touch, but it is also an excellent means of entertainment. You can do a lot of things on your Android Smartphone. Playing games is the most outstanding feature. This is considered the simplest and most effective way to help us defeat boredom. Looking around the Play Store, you can find millions of apps and games. They are available in many categories like intellectual, tactics, racing, survival, etc. You just select a suitable game, get it then enjoy it right on your Smartphone.

Removing license verification from Lucky Patcher will stop Google from checking the purchased license of the app. That means without a license verification system, we’ll be able to use the paid android apps for free. We are removing the license verification with the Lucky Patcher app.

Steps to Remove License Verification with Lucky Patcher:


You need to have specific prerequisites before proceeding with the License verification removal process. Here is the list of prerequisites before you proceed.

  • Rooted Android Smartphone – Without Root Access, you’ll be unable to remove the license verification system from the app. So, a rooted Android phone is a must-have thing.
  • Lucky Patcher App – Download the Lucky Patcher app from here and install it on your smartphone. Give it the Root access, and you are ready to go.
  • Premium App Apk For Removing License Verification – Take any premium app apk (which works mainly for offline apps APK). You want to remove license verification and install it on your smartphone.

Once you’ve all the above-mentioned things, we can proceed to know the steps of license verification removal with the Lucky Patcher app.

Steps Of License Verification Removal Process:

  • First, open the Lucky Patcher app and give it the necessary root permissions. You’ll see a SuperUser popup on the Phone. Just press the “Grant” button, and you are ready to roll.
  • On the home screen of the Lucky Patcher app, you’ll see the list of all installed apps on your smartphone. Find the paid app you want to Remove License verification from in the list. (In this tutorial, we are using GTA San Andreas spent game as an example).
  • Tap on the Paid app and Select the option “Open Menu of Patches.”
  • Click on “Create Modified Apk” now
  • In the Menu of Patches, you’ll see different available and supported patches in the app. Select the “Remove License Verification” patch and proceed to the next stage.
  • Now, you’ll see the various options for removing the license verification. If you know which removal method to choose, then choose the same. Otherwise, you can select the Auto-Mode for automatic removal of the license verification system. Then click on “Rebuild The App”.
    • After completion, you’ll see the report page with All Green colored success messages or the few green and few red colored messages. If you see Green colored success message, you’re successful in this process.
    • You can now use the paid app for free as the License Verification Removal process is successful.

Final Words

This is the exact step-by-step procedure to remove license verification of the android app. How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher The Lucky Patcher app is handy in cracking the paid android apps for personal use. You can use other Android modding apps to remove license verification without a lucky patcher, but the Lucky Patcher app is the most versatile app with multiple useful features. Keep visiting our blog to get the latest updates about the Lucky Patcher app.

I hope you loved this post and will try to follow the procedures carefully. If you are facing any problems following these steps, please comment below.


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