10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android (Updated)

by Michael, Saturday, 6 August 2022 (1 year ago)

10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android (Updated). Has it ever happened to you that you were out at a beautiful location with your friends, and you clicked many photos with your android device? But once you return to your home and browse through the photos, you realize that most of the photographs are either blurred or do not have the proper lighting, or there are red eyes. At that moment, you just think that maybe you could have clicked a few more photographs or used the photo editing software that allows you to edit your pictures.

What is Photo Editing Apps APK?

But quite a while ago, the photo editing software was limited to professionals with enough technical expertise to use this software. Then came a vast revolution that brought a massive rise in the competition, eventually leading to the fall in prices and making the once luxury smartphones easily affordable to the general public. This finally led to the creation many apps available for download in the Google Play Store.

Photo editor apps are readily available and work as the saving grace for all your bad photos. With the app, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of your favorite photos or use the crop-out feature to remove unwanted people or objects from the photographs. Not just that, they also give an option to convert your photos into artwork using the mosaic feature.

Photoshop Express

For all of us who have a little knowledge about photo editing, we must have heard about Photoshop. It is one of the best and the first computer software that provides users with an opportunity to edit their favorite photographs with the utmost ease. It was only justified that with time, the Photoshop photo editing software made a rightful transition into an easy-to-use android app because the focus of the world was eventually changing towards android apps from personal computers.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

The Photoshop Express app came available for free and with the utmost ease from the Google Play Store. Photoshop Express allows users to upload a photograph from their android device and edit its essential features. The user can change the photograph size, crop out the unnecessary portions, and edit the brightness and contrast. You can even rotate or flip your favorite photograph. The noise reduction feature is a boon for everyone looking for unwanted photographs. Download

The app also can make your pictures taken in night mode extremely spectacular. If you do not want to use all of these features, then you can simply use the auto-fix feature available that fixes the photograph on its own with a click of a button. Photoshop Express is the right app if you love working with the best.

Pixlr Photo Editor

Next on the link is another top-rated photo editing app on the Google Play Store. Pixlr is also one of the first pioneers in photo editing apps. The app personifies easy usage and customer satisfaction as it does not need the user to have advanced photo editing knowledge to properly use the app. Anyone and everyone can use the Pixlr app with the utmost ease. The app provides superb features that allow you to perfect your photos, such as cropping or resizing or flipping the photograph features that help the user to remove the unnecessary part of the photograph. Download

That’s not it; the app also allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture. It also provides you with a vast variety of photo filters that you can use to give your favorite photo a new tone. The most memorable thing about the Pixlr app is that it allows you to create unique collages by using a maximum of 9 photographs from your android device. The app removes the need to have a separate app for creating a collage by providing the feature to create and edit the collage using the same tools available for photo editing.

Photo Lab

What sets the Photo lab app apart from all the other apps that we shall mention in this list is the fact that the app comes with around 800 plus unique photo features like the photo filters for setting a particular tone to your photo or the photomontages that help you give a cutting edge to your photo or the quirky, cute photo frames that help you live a wholesome and finished appeal to your photograph. There are a lot of essential features available, too, such as the resize, rotate and flip feature or the ability to adjust the photograph’s sharpness, brightness, and contrast. Download

The best part is that after editing the photograph on the Photo lab app, you can directly post it to any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The app is well known for its user-friendly operations that do not require anyone to have prior knowledge of photo editing.

YouCam Perfect

Have you ever thought the photograph would have looked much better if your waist was a few inches small? This happens to me every time I get a photograph clicked. There is no need to worry anymore about such scenarios because the YouCam perfect app was developed keeping in mind all the problems a user faces while getting a portrait clicked. The app has a unique mosaic feature that blurs the background pixels to create a beautiful mosaic effect on your android device. Download

There is also a feature that helps in reducing the extra inches from your waist and makes you look slimmer in your photograph. Removing your eyebags and reshaping your face is also an option. These make the app a top-rated photo editing app in the Google Play Store. That’s not all, folks! Because the app also provides basic features like resize, rotate and flip.

Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor

Now it’s time to move on to the apps that provide professional photo editing features. Many such apps are available on the Google Play Store, but the Toolwiz photos-pro editor is a photo editing app. There are around 200 plus professional photo editing tools, which is why the app’s popularity. There are features like face swap or the opportunity to adjust the saturation levels of the photo, or the chance to create calm, fun collages using the photos from your android device. Download

The app is designed keeping in mind getting the minimum effort from the user. In addition to the basic editing features that almost every photo editing app in the Google Play Store provides, the Toolwiz photos-pro editor provides incredible features like Prisma filters, Image toner to set the tone, and HDR. All of this makes the app what it is today.

PicsArt Photo Studio

It is said that the popularity of any app out there in the Google Play Store is directly proved by the number of downloads that the app can get. The fact that the PicsArt Photo Studio has gathered over 100 million downloads shows that the app is one of the best photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store. The app is top-rated because it offers a vast array of features like brightness, contrast, sharpness adjustment, and the ability to croup out, resize, or flip the photograph.


There was a time when photo editing was a task limited to technically aware people. 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android (Updated) With the modifications and evolution going on throughout the world, it was only a matter of time before the thing which was once thought of as the skills of the selected people now become apps that can be used by anyone anywhere at any time. Throughout this article, we discussed the best photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store.


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